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Featured Wedding Gowns

Cap Sleeve Wedding Gowns

At you will find numerous cap sleeves wedding dresses that come in different models and materials: a- line, fitted, trumpet, mermaid, ball gowns, lace, satin, organza and lace. I chose four dresses that I hope will give an idea of how different cap sleeves can look

This ball gown is made out of satin, organza with lace and beadings. It has a corset with a Basque waist and scoop neckline. The skirt is, obviously, full and has a pretty big train. The cap sleeves are right underneath the shoulders and this design is meant to underline the woman’s neck, d├ęcolletage and shoulders.

This mermaid like dress is unique and is best suited for more petite ladies. It is made out of satin with beadings on the top part of the dress; it has a V neckline and the cap sleeves just cover the shoulders and that’s it. The cap sleeves are very short and they underline the shape of the shoulders. This gown has yet another mermaid like design and it is made out of chiffon. The dress is long with an Empire waist and jewel neckline. The jewel neckline combined with these short cap sleeves underline the neck of the woman and her arms. This is a very simple and elegant dress.

Lace top with cap sleeves

You can also choose a strapless wedding gown that, when you add this lace top, simply comes to life and has a plus of elegance. The dress is very simple: it has an a- line design with natural waist that is accentuated by a pink ribbon. This combination between a very simple dress and a lace top will always be a winner. Cap sleeves are very elegant and they do emphasize the woman’s neck, d├ęcolletage, shoulders or arms in a very classic and subtle way.

Bonny Bridal Wedding Gowns

Bonny wedding gowns are categorized in three: Bonnie Classic, Essence collection (couture design) and Unforgettable, which is a special category that comes to help women who have a fuller body shape. You will find all kinds of dresses, designs and materials: a- line, ball gowns, fitted dresses, trumpet skirt, corset, braces, lace, chiffon, organza and taffeta. I will take four gowns and describe them based on a woman’s personality


If you want to keep things modern even at your wedding day, then this is a great dress for you. It looks contemporary with more daring details, like: a dramatic halter and a dramatic train. The trumpet skirt is simple with almost no beading and the gown has a V neckline; plus, the back and the shoulders look gorgeous in this dress.


This dress is definitely for the ladies who love to catch all the attention. This gown is definitely special with its dropped waist, decorated bodice (flowers made out of lace), and gorgeous skirt that will surely make a statement. The skirt has layers and layers of French taffeta and micro pleated taffeta that create a dramatic look, especially when viewed from the back.

La Sposa Wedding Gowns

When facing the situation of choosing the right wedding dress for the biggest event of your life you are confronted with a lot of options, but the bridal magazines advice the brides-to-be to start first with the proportion since a dress is the one that may look great on the model you see in the photo and at the same time it may look never OK on you so long as the lines are wrong in regard to your own proportions. The beauty (and the luck I might add!) of the nowadays brides is that a many styles and designs are available to describe the entire variety of wedding gowns styles existing out there in the magic world of bridal fashion.

And this is because fashion designers started to create dresses that not only match the tall slim maids with the waist and curves of a mermaid but they offer also possibilities to customize the specific dress according to your body sizes and shapes with less costs than you would otherwise think of being charged. Beside the fact that you must know correctly the proportions of your body, you must learn about the styles of the wedding gowns that make a bride look fabulous in the most important day of her life. These styles come in five definitive styles, or better said the five styles that are the most spread in the bridal fashion are the most favored by the brides-to-be while shopping for the attire.

These formats define the following styles of a wedding gown: the A-line or Princess format defines a style that easily accommodates plenty of structural details, such as a separate bodice from skirt implying the usage of contrasting fabrics. This style is versatile and dramatic at the same time and is the one to be the most favored for almost all the body shapes managing to hide the undesired curves or roundness when they are not desired to be outlined or remarked. This is also the style that La Sposa wedding gowns have in their design with delicate addition of silk accessories – in the format of ethereal ruffles cascading down the length of the skirt – to wrap the overall aspect of the dress in elegant and unique look.

The next one is called the “empire” style which defines a raised waistline to begin right from under the bust allowing the rest of the dress to flow down to the border. This style is also fit for all the body shapes, but the most favored one is the body that has smaller bust accenting the neckline creating at the same time a nice definition of the overall aspect of the bride.

The column style is the one that wraps the body as in a sheath, in this way emphasizing all the curves of the body, therefore is more suitable for the figures that are lean allowing these ones to move easier than a body which has fuller shapes. The ball gown style is anotherone one used in La Sposa wedding gowns style with a richness of tulle ruffles that embellish the aspect of the skirt which is connected to a strapless bodice that has an addition of small tulle pleats to complement in a floating way the general look of a gown that makes you think of the sensitive and undulating Flamenco female dancers.

Alita Graham Wedding Gowns

Alita Graham is one of the well known designers from the Kleinfeld house; this designer mainly manufactures wedding gowns that are made from silk with either a romantic, exquisite or classic twist. The dresses range from flowing ones to more structured, almost sculptural ones.

The Kleinfeld web site offers you the opportunity of narrowing your wedding gown search by waist line (Basque, Empire, Dropped), style (A-Line, mermaid, sheath), neckline (bateau, halter, illusion), train (cathedral, sweep) and straps & sleeves (tank, cap sleeves, long sleeves). Also, a very good thing is that you can make an appointment to the Kleinfeld store right from the web site, if you desire to see things more closely and maybe even try out some dresses.

One shoulder A-Line wedding gown

This particular dress is mainly characterized by asymmetrical details: from the one shoulder embellished flower motif strap to the horizontal draping. It has a sweetheart neckline and dropped waist; the bodice is fitted and the criss- cross material accentuates the woman’s silhouette. The skirt is full and it is beautifully arranged with draping that is marked by flowers.

Strapless ball gown
If you have always dreamed to look like a princess on your wedding day, then you should take a look at the ball gowns created by Alita Graham. Although they still manage to retain that fairy tale feeling to them, they look modern and contemporary. This dress is strapless with a straight neckline and beautifully beaded corset that features a dropped waist line. The skirt is, of course, full and you will also notice the typical horizontal draping.

Mermaid wedding gown

This mermaid dress has a very classic and romantic look with a straight neckline and cap sleeves that, indeed, offer a very elegant nuance. The gown is fitted on the woman’s body and the skirt flows beautifully.

Silver Wedding Gowns

Choosing a different colored wedding dress is not an easy task to perform, especially if you are a fan of things that shine and you want to make this feature one of the many features that compose your wedding atmosphere. In this regard there are many options to consider whether is about wedding dress, decorations, wedding rings or even the wedding cake.

For a wedding dress to render the brilliance of shine through not too many options are available; there are the beaded embroideries on wedding dresses that give a note of shining, then the Swarovski crystals sewn in different motifs both around the neckline of the gown and skirt of the dress conferring the attire a special fairy-tale aspect, and there is also the option of silver wedding gown which is made of silver fabric that gives the dress a subtlety of brilliance that is not too much and not too shiny either.

The silver material used in the confection of a wedding dress is quite an avant-garde choice considering that most of the brides go for the traditional white or colors to reach the cream or ecru tints of colors. This option matches mostly, as mentioned before, with the brides who prefer the shining aspect of a life other than ordinary one. Another reason can be the anniversary of 25 years of marriage when couples celebrate the day of their wedding through an event called the silver wedding. This anniversary is celebrating by renewing the vows that the married couple has made 25 years ago.

Fashion designers have created lately silver wedding gowns that make a bride look like a mermaid; that is the reason why this type of wedding dress fits mostly for slimmer brides, as the silver color in itself confers the air of heaviness to the one who wears it; beside this the brides have to consider the fact this material could shine much when the camera flashes for your wedding photos.

Because of its distinctive way to shine and draw attention, the silver fabric has to be used in couture that lifts the value of the dress next to the fabric’s value. Merely the appearance of a silver gown leads one person to think of the glamor of movie stars and the sparkling of a new millennium contained in the daring style of presenting itself. Maybe the thought of glamor is induced also by the fact that a lot of movie stars have chosen to wear silver attire to attend to different social events, drawing that kind of Vogue commentary, being described as “the queen of the red carpet” gown.

Brides who choose this silver wedding dress do not care that this outfit needs extra attention while being worn, they just want to shine throughout their entire wedding day as it is the only day that can turn an ordinary woman into the queen of a day.

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