Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Just In For The Holidays - Creative Thank Yous

Sometimes you want to say thank you in a way that stands out. Consider these ideas for expressing your gratitude through creative, and in some cases handmade, ways.

* Cards. Personalize a thank you note with a handmade card. This can be done either through a computer program, or with card-making supplies purchased at a craft store. However you make the card, the message will be extra special since it comes on a card made especially for the recipient.

* Collages. Creating a collage of photos and memorabilia from a time or event can be a meaningful and creative way to say thank you. Consider this idea if someone helped you plan an event or was with you on a special day or trip. Put together a collage of memories from that time to thank the person for all they did to help. They will have the joy of receiving a special gift, and you will get to relive memories as you work on the project.

* Scrapbooks. A scrapbook, while similar to a collage or a photo album, can have many more added features. In addition to having much more space for photos, notes, and memorabilia, a scrapbook can have a theme carried throughout the book. If you want to give a special person in your life a reminder of how much they mean to you, consider thanking them with a personalized scrapbook that represents their unique place in your life.

* Memory jars. For this item, first gather approximately 30 strips of paper and begin writing on them special thoughts or stories relating to the person you want to thank. They can be funny or serious. Once you have gathered the strips, decorate a medium-size jar and fill it with the strips. Then present it to the person you would like to thank with a note instructing them to read one strip each morning for the next month. Be as creative as possible when decorating the jar, and try to choose a theme that fits the personality of the individual.


Clock/calendar. Present either the color or calendar with a note that reads, "Thanks for finding to time to help." Since this is a lighthearted gift, try to find a funny clock or calendar that will bring a laugh to the person you are presenting it to.

Basket of shiny apples. Give the basket of apples to someone special with the note, "You are a polished leader and the apple of our eye." Make sure the basket is decorated with a nice and polished!

Candle. Choose a candle with a nice scent or holder and leave it as a thank you with the note, "Your advice has lighted my path." This is a wonderful way to give a small token to someone who has been supportive in helping you make decisions.

Calculator. Sometimes you need to give a small gift to a special person, but you don't quite know what to get. Try giving a calculator engraved with the message, "All you do really adds up." This can be an especially good idea for volunteers or others who are instrumental in helping an organization or event get going.

Edible Thank Yous

Dinner - Try Something Unique-

If you are looking for an original dinner idea that can also serve as a conversation piece, then fondue may be a great option for your thank you dinner. It is best in small group setting where people are comfortable with one another. There are many ways to prepare and serve fondue. For tips ands ideas check out the following website, which will provide you with all the information you need to hold a special thank you fondue dinner!

Theme. To hold a dinner with a twist, decide on a theme and carry it through every part of the meal. For example, if the person you are thanking has a favorite vacation spot, such as a tropical island, then create the atmosphere with decorations and music, and serve a meal traditional in that area. The person you are thanking will enjoy the festivities and will know you have put a lot of thought into the occasion.

Cultural. Perhaps you are having a difficult time coming up with a theme, but you want a unique cultural experience. Try something new, a food or place that you would not normally choose and create an evening where people get to experience something different. Just make sure that the person you are thanking is adventurous.

Group event. There are times when you may want to thank a group of people for helping or supporting you. Hold a special dinner party in their honor and toast each one of them separately. Your toast does not need to be lengthy; after all you don't want dinner to get cold, but offer up a unique toast to each person and acknowledge to the group how each individual has been there for you.

Baking Delights.

Cookies, cakes, pies. Almost everyone can enjoy a small basket of cookies or perhaps a cake or pie to share with a group. This is a simple way to say thank you that shows how appreciative you are.

Casseroles. While not necessarily a good choice for every occasion, there are people in your life who are very busy and yet still take time out of their schedule to be there for you. Thank them by preparing a read-to-heat meal such as a casserole; this will give them a night off from cooking dinner and allow more time for other things. Parents will especially enjoy this thank you, which gives them ore time with the family and less time in the kitchen.

Specialty pizzas. Many times the easy way to say thank you to group, particularly in a volunteer setting is to order pizzas. Try to put a twist on this routine by either cooking or ordering specialty pizzas. There are all sorts of options of tasty and nutritious pizzas. There are all sorts of options for tasty and nutritious pizzas that have everything from chicken and mushrooms to goat cheese and red peppers.

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