Tuesday, November 3, 2009

How Do We Say - Thank - You

Sunday night my daughter and her boyfriend came over and she bought me these beautiful roses. She said mommy these are for you because I just wanted to say Thank You... of course I had to double check to make sure she wasn't trying to give me these flowers for my birthday (however, I still would have been thankful)..

Since we have enter into the month of November we always begin with thinking about Thanksgiving what we are going to prepare, family getting together. We start thinking about what we are thankful for.

How do we begin to say Thank You - whether you are in business, friendship, family, or just associates we always want to let people know that we appreciate anything and everything that they have done for us in the past as well as coming into the future:

Business Thank- Yous:

There are many different kinds of business relationships; therefore the appropriate expression of thanks will vary. The importance of expressing that thanks, though, never changes. Consider how you can improve your office morale by implementing some of these easy expressions of gratitude in your business or place of employment.


Notes- It's a good idea to keep a few thank you notes in your desk drawer. When a fellow staff members steps out of the office or away from their desk, leave a note to surprise them when they return. The thought and and appreciation will go a long way in building strong relationships in the workplace.

Email - While email may not seem like the most personal way to say thank-you, it can be a great way to make a statement. If you have noticed someone doing a wonderful job or someone who has really helped you on a project for which you received the credit, be sure to send them an email acknowledging their hard work and praising their efforts. Copy the email to their supervisor.

Lunch - Everyone enjoys a lunch away from the stress of the office. Thank a co-worker who has done something nice for you by taking them out to lunch somewhere. It doesn't need to be somewhere expensive; it can just be sandwiches at a shop down the street. They will just appreciate the gesture and the chance to unwind.


Time off - Nothing says thank you to an overworked staff like a surprise afternoon off. If your employees have been working hard and performing well, reward them with a free afternoon. They will come back grateful, refreshed, and ready to keep on working hard.

Single out special work - Don't be afraid to acknowledge specific individuals who have performed above and beyond their job duties. Thanking or rewarding employees who go the extra mile will encourage them to do so in the future, and will let them know that they are valued and appreciated. Sometimes individual attention or acknowledgement is in order. Don't shy away from it for fear of making others feel left out.

Romantic - Thank - Yous

Long-Term Relationships

Change the routine. Express your happiness and gratitude by trying something out of the ordinary; check out a new restaurant, show, or unusual event. Breaking out of the routine can bring a new excitement to the relationship and will genuinely surprise your significant other.

Unexpected notes. Leave a loving note somewhere, such as one on the front seat of their car or in their wallet. A short note of appreciation can brighten their whole day.

Share the load. If you know your spouse or significant other hates a particular chore or duty, volunteer to take it over for a week. Thank them by giving the gift of freedom from the task they like the least.

New Relationships-

Small tokens. In the beginning stages of a new relationship, you want to say thanks without too much ado. A small token, then, such as a simple card or picking up the tab on a shared meal can be a nice, but not overdone, thank you.

Post-date call. After a special evening out, call the very same night to express your thanks and let them know how much you have enjoyed your time with them.

Say the words. Good communication is important to all relationships, and its is particularly vital to orally express your thanks in a new and developing relationship. However else you may decide to express thank you, make sure you also say it.


Discounts/bonuses - Express your thanks to loyal customers by giving them special discounts or bonuses not provided to the general public. Choose those extra-special people who have been loyal to your company and then determine the best kind of discount or bonus for their individual needs. This special thank you will keep them happy and coming back for a long time to come.

Bend a policy - Say thank you to customers who have developed a good business relationship with your company by being willing to bend the policy when necessary. Don't break the rules, but know the amount of leeway you have and use if for those customers who have earned the special treatment.

Special hours- Thank customers by providing them with special hours to meet their needs. If a customer is faithfully using your company for all their needs, be sure your company caters hours and schedules around the needs of the customer as well. Creating that sense of partnership with the customer will create a positive business relationship.


Include them - Vendors often develop positive relationships with the staff and would enjoy being included in staff functions and events. Be sure to thank them for their hard work and service by including them in special occasions and making them feel like a vital part of the team.

Bonus items - Vendors of all sorts can appreciate bonus items such as gift certificates or monetary bonuses. If a vendor has exceeded expectations and acted as a valuable asset to the company, consider thanking them in a monetary way. This will often have the biggest impact and let them know exactly how appreciated their services are.

Give a recommendation - In many cases, you are not the only business a vendor is working with; say thank you to extra-special vendors by either referring other businesses to them or providing them with a letter of recommendation that they can show other businesses when seeking additional work.

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