Monday, June 15, 2009

Wedding Planning with Less Stress

Beginning to plan a Wedding can actually have fun during the process. At AFavor4U we help plan weddings everyday and we'd like to share a few key planning elements with you.

It is crucial to keep the right attitude. Don't let the importance of the day overwhelm you. Yes, it may be the most important day of your life, but something will inevitably go wrong and if you keep your sense of humor everything will be beautiful! It can only be the perfect day if you relax and let it be.

It helps to start your planning as early as possible. Nothing will stress you out more than having too many last minute details to deal with. Having all of the little details planned well in advance will give you luxury of time to pamper yourself on the day of the wedding.

Set a budget and stick to it. Wondering how you are going to pay for everything will suck the joy out of your wedding and WORSE your honeymoon!

Decide on a tone and style. Do you want a traditional or contemporary wedding? Formal? Casual? Deciding on these issues early will help with Gown selection, color selection, reception location, flower choice....well everything! Important Tip Don't be afraid to include contemporary, traditional, formal or casual elements to suite your personalities and style. It's your wedding, it should be about YOU not a rigid set of rules.

Share some tasks with trusted friends and relatives. Lighten the load a little, you don't have to do everything.

Find good service providers and suppliers. Look for quality as well as price. Also, look for good service and the willingness to work with you. Check references, better business listings, get recommendations from friends. Quality dependable providers will reduce your stress tremendously.

Finally, remember to include exercise in your daily routine. After a day filled with tasks and decisions you deserve a little time to yourself. Set aside at least half an hour to do an activity that best suits you. This can involve going to the local gym, swimming, sports, yoga or even walking around your neighborhood. This will help relieve much stress and help you feeling fit, trim, and beautiful.

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