Sunday, June 14, 2009

How To Pick The Perfect Wedding Music

If you’re about to be married, you, know that the most important part of the wedding is the actual wedding ceremony itself. And one of the most important aspects of the wedding ceremony, besides the exchange of vows, is the music.

"Music has the power to set a mood, evoke emotion, and give moment cohesiveness," says Nina Calloway of "Are you a traditional Wagner's "Here Comes the Bride" and Pachelbel's "Canon in D" type of couple? Or are you more contemporary, looking for a song that captures your spirit like Norah Jones's "Come Away with Me"?"

Experts say the most important factor in choosing wedding music for the ceremony, is where you are holding the event. "If your ceremony will not be in a religious setting, you can choose just about any kind of music you like -- although you will want to stay within the bounds of good taste!," according to "On the other hand, if your ceremony will be in a church or synagogue, or conducted by a clergy person at another location, you will probably need to stay within guidelines set by the clergy person or the church."

There are several distinct parts of the wedding ceremony and each merits different kinds of wedding songs. In the prelude, for instance, when guests are gathering in anticipation of the beginning of the ceremony, it is often advisable to have gentle jazz or chamber music, according to "The music should not overpower the mood; rather, it should complement the budding excitement," says the site. On the other hand, the music for the bride’s entrance should reflect the excitement and be dramatic and sweeping. "The traditional selection is Wagner's Bridal Chorus (Here Comes the Bride), but many brides are not afraid to insert something a little more reflective of their unique personality," says the site.

You might also choose to have a vocalist singing anywhere from one to four wedding songs during the ceremony, according to "Appropriate places in the ceremony for vocal selections, depending on church guidelines, may include: (1) during the seating of the mothers or lighting of candles by the mothers; (2) immediately before the processional; (3) before the vows; (4) during the lighting of the Unity Candle; and (5) during the serving of communion to the congregation, if this is included in the ceremony."

In order to find just the right songs for the vocalist, you can ask her for her own suggestions and then ask to hear her sing a few selections. "Before deciding whether the songs suggested by your musicians are really what you want, you should go to a store that sells sheet music and songbooks and browse in the wedding section," advises WedAlert. "Chances are, you may find something that more closely expresses what you want to say than the songs suggested by your musicians." Further, you might even want to hire a songwriter to pen a custom wedding song just for you.

However you choose your music for that special ceremony, keep in mind that the music is bound to be one of the things your guests remember most. If it’s special to you, it will be special to them, as well.

The Web has all the information you need to select the right wedding songs for your special occasion. Be it instrumental wedding music or wedding love songs for vocalists, you can count on sites like to provide a full complement of musical alternatives. Saying "I Do" has never been this much fun!

By Wendy Aron

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