Saturday, March 8, 2008

How To Know Tip Etiquette

How to Know Tip Etiquette
By eHow Careers & Work Editor

You reach for the check after dinner and once again, you're stymied as to how much you are supposed to leave. Your hairdresser and the bellhop both gave you a slant-eyed look when they received their tip. There must be some sort of rule, you think. Here are some etiquette guidelines to help you feel confident tipping in any situation.

Step 1:
Leave approximately 15 percent of your meal cost when tipping a waitperson that provided you with good service. You can adjust this amount if you were very pleased or disappointed in the service.

Step 2:
Consider setting a minimum tip amount. If you order coffee and a slice of pie the tip won't amount to much if you only leave 15 percent, but the server came to your table a half a dozen times to fill your cup. A minimum tip of $2 or more will assure he is compensated for his service.

Step 3:
Give your hairdresser between 15 to 20 percent for her services. Some people don't know they are supposed to tip a stylist, but they depend upon their tips to make a living.

Step 4:
Slip a couple of dollars into your door attendant's hand if he hails a cab for you or retrieves your luggage. A dollar or two per bag is proper when the bellhop carries them to your room. The same amount goes for a valet who parks your car.

Step 5:
Tip food delivery persons, but not postal employees, when they bring packages. It's tough to keep it straight, but remember that employees of tax-funded services are legally not allowed to accept tips. However, etiquette allows you to give them a monetary gift at Christmas time if you feel they have served you well throughout the year.

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