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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Job Search Educational Non-Profit Celebrates National Volunteer Week

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Job Search Educational Non-Profit Celebrates National Volunteer Week

 Successfully complimenting colleges, technical schools and MBA programs with proven 21st century job search and career management training, Empowering Today's Professionals
recognizes its 100% volunteer work force.

New York, NY April 26, 2013 – Addressing the importance and impact of volunteering, President Barrack Obama stated in a recent proclamation "National Volunteer Week is a time to renew that fundamentally American idea of service and responsibility. It is also a time to recognize the men, women, and children who bring that principle into practice every day by lifting up the people around them.  Volunteering rates are the highest they have been in years. More Americans are answering the call to serve -- not for fanfare or  attention, but because they want to give back. And as they do, they are making our communities stronger. They are boosting  local economies. And they are building ladders of opportunity for those who need them most."

Founded in 2004 by successful speaker and coach, Rod Colon, Empowering Today's Professionals (ETP) has been celebrating all week by recognizing its volunteers.  Rod explains "ETP teaches people how to take control of their careers in the same way a chief executive officer directs all critical operations of a large corporation. Our mission has been to impact students and professionals globally to manage their careers – by owning it. Becoming a Non-Profit Organization gives ETP resources to continue our commitment to empowering today’s and tomorrow’s professionals globally."

Sponsored by Points of Light Institute — National Volunteer Week was established in 1974 and has grown exponentially each subsequent year, with thousands of volunteer projects and special events have been happening throughout this week.

ETP Board of Advisor member, Ruth Harenchar states "I am glad to be involved with ETP being an educational community service non-profit organization that teaches professionals to run their career as the CEO of ME Inc..  As a former ETP board member spearheading the volunteer team that resulted in ETP being certified as a 501c3 tax-exempt charitable organization was an awesome experience. Volunteering for ETP helps train more people in the methodology and concepts of being CEO of Me Inc.  Volunteers reinforce what they’ve already learned as well as learn from others.

 "Volunteers are the rocket fuel that propels Empowering Today's Professionals.  Our volunteers and non-profit status truly facilitate being able to expand our support, training and mentoring of professionals worldwide with  program development focused on 21st century job search training and life time career management programs that are not taught in colleges, technical schools or MBA programs." says ETP Executive Director Carl E. Reid

As part of this celebration, ETP published a Volunteer Directory on it's web site for public recognition. The directory highlights volunteers, while allowing anyone to expand their networking sphere of influence by clicking on each volunteer's LinkedIn profile to make a connection.

Lamplighter Editor-in-Chief Adelaida (Aida) Rodriguez says "Today, I am proud to say that the Lamplighter Newsletter has  helped promote ETP’s tenets on job search to its members and colleagues by the utilization of good networking and various social media."

The book Win The Race for 21st Century Jobs by Rod Colon is the ETP training manual that has inspired thousands to land jobs and close business deals. This book is used as a reference guide for all ETP training programs, which volunteer Faculty members share.

As I learned being around Empowering Today's Professionals' leaders, volunteering with organizations has helped me develop quite a few new clients.  ETP has a an awesome volunteer benefits package that is 2nd to none." states successful entrepreneur and ETP Director of Volunteer Services, Amanda Sherman.

About Empowering Today's Professionals
The mission of ETP Network is to encourage, train, support, mentor and advise fellow CEOs of ME, Incorporated in all aspects of defined responsibilities to their personal Board of Directors. ETP's proven education programs and methodologies guide each member through "HOW" to specifically land a job and develop self empowering career management goals.
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Amanda Sherman said...

ETP Director of Volunteer Services, Amanda Sherman.

Being involved with Empowering Today's Professionals (ETP) has not only help me developed myself as the CEO of Me but also given me the steps of being a great volunteer. As the ETP Director of Volunteer Services I have been given a wonderful opportunity to be surrounded by great individuals. The interesting thing about being a part of an excellent organization you are treated with respect, integrity, and dignity. What I have learned about this organization is no matter where you are if you have a problem, you need assistance all you have to do is pick up the phone, send an email, or raise a little white flag our members are right there to help you any way they can. This is the type of organization that I am fortunate to be involved with.