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Unusual Wedding Dresses

The wedding dress is the most important element in the entire wedding and that is mainly related to the fact that the bride should be in the limelight during this important day.  The wedding dress must be suitable to the bride, in every aspect. It should fit not only her body, but her entire personality and style as well. It is important that the bride chooses the type of dress which she feels most comfortable in. However, at times, what feels comfortable for some, looks completely weird and unusual to others. This is how the trend with the unusual wedding dresses started and it seems that are very many those who would actually wear weird wedding dresses.  By unusual I do not necessarily mean nice-looking, at least not all the time.
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I am pretty sure that you have heard about wedding dresses which come with lights attached or about dresses made out of fur or all sorts of weird things. Even so, the unusual wedding dresses I’m going to tell you about are not ugly and there was not need to kill any type of animal to make them. The wedding dresses you are going to read about are some of the most sophisticated, beautiful and interesting looking there have ever been made.

Unfortunately, most of them are very, very expensive and there are not too many who could afford them.  Even so, dreaming is for free and if you want to dream about the perfect wedding dress, you are allowed to.  If you want to see some of the most unusual wedding dresses, continue reading.

What Are the Most Unusual Wedding Dresses?

Throughout time, people have come up with all sorts of weird ideas concerning wedding dresses. One of the mostbeautiful wedding gowns, and also one of the most expensive was one made out of peacock feathers. That dress was said to value more than $12 million and it was made with 150 carats worth of diamonds. The truth is that this type of dress is highly unusual, but it looks fantastic. Created by Martin Katz Jewelers and Renee Strauss, the dress was an absolute success the year it was created and every woman in the world gasped for a little while, with amazement at the beautiful and very expensive wedding gown.

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Another incredibly expensive and unusual wedding gown that has been created is a dress worth $8.5 million, which was made out of 1,000 pearls and which features a 5-carat white gold diamond. Who would go for such an unusual dress?  My guess is anybody who owns that kind of money. The wedding dress is absolutely stunning and the little details on it show just how much attention was required. The creator of the dress, Yumi Katsura, must be very proud of this spectacular wedding gown. Another very unusual type of wedding dress, which has brought amazement to the entire world was the one made out of more than 2,000 peacock feathers. Estimated to cost about $1.5 million, the dress is black and it is absolutely amazing. However, it is highly unusual and there are not too many who would wear it, if they had the money to buy it, of course.

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There are numerous unusual wedding gowns in the world, but nothing says weird more than a wedding gown which features 9.999 karats of gems. Aside of the fact that this wedding dress is probably quite heavy, it is also incredible weird looking. As you can well imagine, the creator of the dress is very fond of what she has done. The Chinese fashion designer mentioned that the dress’ gems weighed more than 2 kilograms. As if it were not enough that the dress itself was heavy enough, it also has 2 kilos extra, to make the bride feel even more burdened. Even so, however unusual it may be, the dress still looks pretty amazing and whoever owns about $200,000 can even buy it.

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Should I Wear an Unusual Wedding Dress for My Wedding?

There are many women who have enough money to spend on their wedding dress, but should they really buy all sorts of weird-looking things? The answer is, as you can imagine, no. A woman should buy her wedding gown thinking about a lot of things. For one, the price is extremely important, but it should not be the one to dictate on your decision. Your body requires certain types of fabrics, colors and models and those are all things which need to be taken into account when shopping for the perfect wedding gown.  Of course, the style and personality of the bride are also two very important things that the bride should take into account.

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Unusual wedding dresses are not for anyone. They are for unusual women, who are not afraid to make a fashion statement. For some of today’s women, even a black wedding dress can be seen as unusual. Depending on our taste and fashion sense, we will be able to choose the perfect wedding dress. And, if the perfect wedding gown is a very unusual one, so be it.

Keep in mind that you are the one who is going to wear the dress in the most important day of your life and it would be a shame if you could not wear something you have always dreamt about wearing. Make sure you find the perfect dress and also,make sure you do not listen to people who supposedly want you to look good. If you like what you see in the mirror, regardless of how unusual or weird the wedding dress might be, make sure you buy it and wear it with a lot of bride and dignity, because you will surely look not only stunning, but fabulous and extremely beautiful in it.

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