Thursday, April 5, 2012

Book - Theme Weddings

 Weddings are the most important event in a couple's life.  The purpose of weddings varies, it is essential for the couples to have a pleasant, enduring, memory of that occasion.   In view of this, themes of the celebration must be customary in accordance to the preference of the couples as customised wedding themes can ensure a more affluent experience not only for the couple but for the wedding guest as well.

Katelyn - The Bookshelf Sophisticate - YA BOOK REVIEWS, AUTHOR 411, AND MORE!
shared her with us her friends themed wedding from last week.... (thank you Katelyn) awesome blog!!!

Book Themed Weddings

I hope you guys are enjoying your weekend so far and have lots of fun and exciting stuff planned for what hopefully turns out to be a beautiful weekend! I have a friend's bridal shower today and it's the first wedding event that kicks off what is looking to become Wedding Season for me for the next few months. Lots of showers and bachelorette parties ahead, as well as rehearsal dinners, receptions and beautiful ceremonies for my friends to tie the knot!

While this blog is in no way related to wedding themed events, I couldn't help but share some of the cutest and dream worthy pictures I've come across lately of book themed, or related weddings and weddings receptions! I love the idea, and if there is ever a wedding in my future, you can be sure that books will play a huge part in just about every aspect of the main event and the events and festivities leading up to the tying of the knot!

Check these out:

I love love love all the ideas I see on line for book themed weddings, and these adorable
table numbers using vintage books and book page cutouts as the centerpieces are just too cute for words.

I would love nothing more than to receive a wedding invitation in the mail within the covers of a vintage book, don't you agree? But while most of my friends are not bibliophiles like myself I'm thinking that isn't likely to happen anytime soon. So that's OK with me, because I'll be able to use the idea for myself when (fingers crossed) the time comes.

What better way for your guests to find their escort cards and where they'll be sitting for the dinner and reception than via an old fashioned cart catalogue. Guests can search for their card by locating it within the drawer that corresponds with their first initial of their last name.  Love it!

And while there are beautiful libraries all over the world that you are able to rent out for your wedding venue, nothing compares to The Peabody Library in Baltimore, MD in my heart! It's literally awe inspiring and simply breathtaking from the moment you step through its doors, until the moment you leave and honestly the effect stays with you long after you've left.

There's nothing I don't love about it. While I wish you were still able to climb to the stacks to have your pictures taken among the top rows and levels with the books, there are no words to describe how lucky I would feel to be able to celebrate my (future) happy day among all those classics and beauty! A girl can certainly dream.

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