Monday, November 7, 2011

Creative Ways to Say I Love You

"I love you" - these three words are not as simple as they seem to be, neither for the one who wants to say them, nor for the one who is waiting to hear them. A whole lot of emotions, feelings, thoughts and bonds lie hidden behind these three words. That's why, there are so many people who wonder, "how to say I love you?", "How to sum up the plethora of emotions one feels in just three words? Scroll down for the answers...

Say it with Your Actions!
If you ask me, some of the best ways to say I love you is to not say it at all. Instead, let your actions speak. Respect your partner, be honest with them, trust them, be supportive of the things that they do, have fun together, give them your complete attention and time, be sensitive towards their feelings, keep all the promises you made to them, forgive their mistakes, cuddle them, and most importantly, love them as much for their weaknesses as for their strengths. If you are able to inculcate these in your relationship, your partner will already know how much they mean to you!

Let the Video and your Body do the Talking!
For those of you looking for some funny ways to say I love you, a good idea is to get a video made of yourself doing your routine jobs, like exercising or studying or working or cooking. Talk continuously while undertaking these activities, talk about some mundane things and then suddenly in between say I love you! Another fun way to convey your feelings is to paint your body in deep red, write "I love you" on your torso in white color and follow your girlfriend around wherever she goes!

Say it with Balloons and Flowers!
If you want to tell the man or woman of your dreams that you are head over heels in love with them, one of the most romantic ways to say I love you is by getting a huge air-filled heart-shaped red balloon which has "I love You" written on it, and float it in front of your girlfriend's window. If she sees it the first thing in the morning, she will be stumped, excited and happy all at once! Follow it up by climbing up to the window in "Pretty woman" style and floor your girl with a bouquet of red roses!

Let the Romance Fill the Air!
For those of you looking for some subtle, mature ways of expressing your love, I would say, invite your partner for dinner at your place. Cook their favorite dishes. Decorate the entire place with heart-shaped soft toys and balloons. Dress up seductively. Play some good romantic numbers in the background. After savoring the dinner, drink some wine and dance to the romantic numbers and in between, whisper the words in your partner's ears!

Say it in Different Languages!
Another unique way to romance your partner is to tell them that you love them in different languages! So, if you want to know, "how to say I love you in French?", the words are "Je t'aime, de tout mon coeur", which means I love you with all my heart! If you want to know, " how to say I love you in Spanish"?", the answer lies in saying "Te amo" which means I love you. If you want to say "I am crazy for you" in Spanish, the words are "estoy loco por usted". For those of you who want to know, "how to say I love you in Japanese?", the words are "aishite imasu". For saying "I really like you", the phrase is "daisuki desu" in Japanese. You may further go to how to say I love you in different languages.

Here's hoping that now with so many different options and ideas, you no longer need to ask, "how to say I love you?". Actually more than how, you should think of when to say I love you. As they say that a moment once lost, cannot be found again! So, without waiting any further, just tell your special someone how much they mean to you!

By Aastha Dogra

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