Sunday, September 20, 2009

Picking Your Wedding Shoes

Choosing the right shoes to go with your wedding dress is very important. There are two main factors to consider here. Comfort and style, you wan to make sure that whatever shoes you decide to wear on your wedding day are very comfortable. They cannot be to tight or loose cause they can cause you big problems.

The last thing you need is tripping and falling on your special day. If your shoes are to tight they might change the way you walk in your dress and this is surely not a good look on your wedding day.

When searching for the right pair of shoes makes sure you try them on and do some walking in them to make sure they are a perfect fit. Also have a second eye look at them for the styling, making sure it matches your wedding dress style as well. The kind of heel the shoe has is also important.

It needs to complement your dress properly and not seem to be out of place. If you are wearing a short dress a high heel will probably look better for a more formal indoor wedding, but if you are having a beach wedding then a high heel will most likely not work to well.

Your wedding dress supplier should have some shoes that they know go well with your style of dress. After all, they work with brides on a regular basis that look for the perfect shoes to go with their dresses. They should be able to point you in the right direction.

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