Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Dogs In The Wedding

Have you ever been to a wedding where the bride and groom decided that they wanted their pets to join them at the altar? We saw it in Lady and the Tramp, of course, but just how popular are putting dogs in weddings anyway? I’ve never been to a wedding where the bride and groom included their pets in their wedding, but that doesn’t mean that I’ll never come across it. I won’t go as far as to say that it’s a hot new trend in weddings because it isn’t really, but it is popular among dog lovers. The fact is, lots of people are choosing to give their dogs a job in their wedding, or a place in their wedding party. Not everyone who puts dogs in weddings is the crazy kind of dog lover, but someone who just doesn’t feel right kenneling a member of the family for such an important event. There are several kinds of jobs that you can consider for putting dogs in weddings, but these jobs aren’t the only places where you can use your animals, just a great place to start.

Dogs in Weddings - The Ringbearers & Flowergirls

I guess the most popular places for dogs in weddings are as the ringbearer and flowergirl. This works really great if you have a male and female dog. You can find some great outfits online for dogs, including tuxedos, tutus and other kinds of dresses which aren’t that expensive. For the ringbearer dog, just attach the ring to a pocket on the collar of the pooch, and have him sit at the feet of the groom. Quick note here…if you’re afraid that your ringbearer dog will run away during the ceremony, don’t attach the ring to his collar or you could have a huge mess on your hands! For the flower girl dog, dress her up in a tutu and have a flower girl child walk the other dog down the aisle on a leash, throwing flower petals as they go.

Dogs in Weddings - At Your Feet

If you don’t really want your dogs to have a job in your wedding, then another popular option is just to have them laying down at your feet. Dress them up of course because it is a formal event and they need to be presentable, but train them to come and lay at your feet during the wedding ceremony. What a great way to take your wedding vows, surrounded by everyone you love, including your pets.

Dogs in Weddings - Helpful Facts

Deciding to have dogs in weddings should not be a list minute decision. Once you decide to include your dogs in your wedding, you should start training them for what you want them to do, so your animals know what is expected of them at the ceremony. Also, while it may be tempting, do not hang flower arrangements around the necks of your animals, or even on top of their heads. Many flowers are poisonous to dogs, or allergens, and the wire holding the arrangement together could hurt the dog if it’s messed with. Also, be prepared for the unexpected.

Dogs in weddings can be a great way to share your special day with everyone that you love. Dogs in weddings aren’t an impossible task, and with the right training and jobs, you should be able to pull it off without a hitch.

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