Friday, January 2, 2009

Wedding Color of the Year - Pantone's Mimosa

I've been telling you that yellow is a great wedding color for several years, but 2009 might just be the best year for yellow ever. Pantone, one of the leading global authorities on color, has named "mimosa" its top color of the year.

This highly saturated color is filled with sunshine and optimism so it's perfect for your happy wedding day. But, it's also easy for it to become overwhelming and jarring. Here are a few ways to incorporate this color tastefully: more.

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Cheap Wedding Tip #15 - Wedding Photography

I've already given you one cheap wedding tip on how to save money on your wedding photography. But here's one I like even more. If you've got a wedding photographer that you just love, but whose fee is considerably more than you've budgeted, ask them about a "Day After Session." Though the name implies that it takes place immediately the day after your wedding, it's actually seldom the case. It's just a weekday, either before or after the wedding, that you and your spouse-to-be dress up in your wedding finery and have an extra photo session. When I considered this as a cost-saving option at my wedding, a "day after session" was only about 20% of their regular wedding rate.

But how does this extra session save you money? Since you know you'll have great portraits, you can use a budget photographer for the day of the wedding. Keep in mind that you'll have the extra expense of doing your hair and makeup, as well as the possibility of needing to get your dress and/or tuxedo cleaned. But it can be a great way to get some excellent photography at a budget price.

What Are Your New Year's Resolutions?

Every year, people resolve to lose 50 pounds, save lots of money, quit smoking, and other well-meaning but rarely completed promises. While I'd love for everyone to get healthy both physically and fiscally, there are some resolutions that you might actually complete, and will help you have a fabulous wedding. Here are my suggestions for New Year's Resolutions for those who are engaged: more.

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