Monday, January 12, 2009

Happiness Is Controlling YOUR Guest-List!‏

Many, many folks who are getting married live by the philosophy that they’ll just invite “everyone” to their weddings because the majority won’t show. Well, that philosophy can get you in big trouble, because what if they do?

Weddings that take place in “hot” spots around the country like South Florida in winter, for example, tend to attract tourists and wedding guests, who jump at the opportunity to turn a wedding invitation into a mini-vacation.

The solution is simple:

* Invite only the number of guests that you can afford to invite. If you can afford 100 guests, send out 50 invitations (Note: most people come in couples.) We’ll call this your “A list”.

People who make the A list should include immediate family members; extended family members (aunts, uncles, and cousins if applicable); your bridal party with dates and spouses; your officiant with spouse (if not a paid officiant).

* People that didn’t make the A List, you’ll place on the “B list”.

The B list is composed of your closest friends, family friends, and business associates (who must be invited). The top 50 on your lists will receive invitations. All others you’ll transfer to a “C list”.

* You now mail 50 invitations, which invite 100 guests to your wedding. When you get a negative response, send out an invitation from your C list until your quota is full.

Once it is, you’ll send no more invitations. 100 people have been invited and 100 people have responded that they are attending. Your budget—and peace of mind—remain intact.

The remaining people on the C list are sent announcements, mailed the day after the wedding.

Happy Wedding Planning!

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