Saturday, September 22, 2007

Holidays - Event Planners Get Ready

By Sara J. Welch, Successful Meetings

It's holiday time, when companies throw parties to thank their employees for their hard work during the year, and employees are more than ready to relax from all that work and celebrate the season. So what are the key ingredients for a successful corporate holiday bash? "A great DJ," says an event planner at a major media company in New York City. "A coat-check routine where nobody has to wait. But more importantly, a ton of food and plenty of bars, so nobody complains about the lines."

Five Tips for Successful Holiday Parties Have an emergency plan.

Think: What would you do if something happened to a guest? Find out where the nearest hospital is, when the event venue was last inspected by the fire marshal, and whether anyone is trained in emergency procedures (CPR, defibrillator use, etc.).

Manage alcohol consumption. Otherwise, if a guest injures himself or someone else, as the event planner you could be named in a liability suit.

Don't play Barry White. Slow, sexy songs encourage an atmosphere of sexual harassment, say veteran event planners.

Don't let guests wander off unattended. Again, if someone got hurt or attacked, you could be found liable.

Have a nice party—but not one that's over the top. Public perception is important. Keep in mind what impression you' d convey if people read about your party in the media.

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