Saturday, September 22, 2007

Groom's Attire cont'd

Jacket Styles:

The tailcoat is a very formal jacket that can either be single or double-breasted, with two or six buttons, respectively. The front of the jacket is short and the back features two long tails. A tailcoat can come in either black or white, and is best suited for elegant evening weddings. This coat is traditionally worn with a vest and bow tie, and can be further dressed up with gloves and a top hat.

Cutaway Jacket
The cutaway is a formal daytime jacket that is short in the front and tapers to one long tail in the back. This coat comes in black or dark grey, and is traditionally paired with matching trousers.

Tuxedo Jacket
There are many options with the tuxedo jacket. It can be single or double-breasted with anywhere from one to six buttons. There are also three different lapel styles to choose from. The peaked lapel forms a "V" at the collar and points upward. The notched lapel has an indentation at the collar in the shape of a triangle. The shawl lapel has no indentation and smoothly curves around the neck.

Dinner Jacket
This white or ivory jacket resembles a tuxedo jacket, and is best suited for warmer weather weddings. A dinner jacket can accommodate both formal and semi-formal evening weddings, and is one way your groom can set himself apart from his groomsmen.

This modern jacket has no lapel, a stand-up collar, and six buttons extending from the neck down to the waist. The mandarin jacket is worn with a mandarin-collared shirt, and does not require any type of tie.

Long Coat
The long jacket is a variation of the tuxedo jacket that extends down beyond the man's fingertips. since this coast has more length than the other styles, it is best worn by tall, broad-shouldered men. the long jacket is best suited for weddings held in colder weather.

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