Tuesday, August 28, 2007

What Type Of Neckline Are You Blessed With?

These are just basic necklines available for you to choose from when selecting your wedding dress.

Low-cut scoop or v-necks will show off your flirty side, while high collared or bateau necklines are a more sophisticated option.

Necklines: Scoop
This basic neckline arcs down from one shoulder to the other in a "U" shape. Much like the v-neck, the scoop can be as deep or as high as you feel comfortable with, depending on the amount of skin you want to expose. Most all figures can pull off this look, as it is compatible with all sleeve lengths.

Necklines: High Collar
A high collar covers the chest and can either end just below the neck or extend up the neck. Having a high collar on your wedding dress will create a formal and elegant look. There are many variations on the high collar that include a cut-out or keyhole that exposes a limited amount of your chest while maintaining the look of a high collar. You can also opt for an illusion high collar that uses a sheer or lace covering over a strapless bodice that still covers your upper body but allows your sexy side to shine through. This neckline also supports all lengths of sleeves so all body types can pull off this look.

Necklines: Sweetheart
The sweetheart neckline gets its name from the way it arcs over each breast, connected between them in a "V" and creating what looks like the top of a heart. This style is most commonly found on strapless dresses, but is also available on dresses with a variety of sleeve lengths. The sweetheart neckline is ideal for brides with a large bust line since the shape helps create support and control exposure.

Necklines: Square
The square neckline has a straight horizontal bodice that meets with straps in a 90 degree angle. The crisp clean lines of the square neck will create an elegant look on any dress style and works well with most all figures. The straps can be sleeveless, or flow into any length of sleeve so you have the option of baring your arms or covering them up with this neckline.

Necklines: Off The Shoulder
Off the shoulder dresses do just that, hang off the shoulder. The neckline encircles your torso, wrapping around the outside of your upper arms, just below the shoulder. A variation on this neckline is known as the Portrait cut because of the way it seems to frame your face. This look is often used with longer sleeves so you can be covered but also show off your neck and shoulders. This look is very elegant without sleeves as well since it allows you to have an open neckline, much like a strapless dress would, but also provides support for your bodice.

Necklines: V-Neck
The V-neck drops the neckline down in a "V" shape between the shoulders. This neckline can range from very subtle to plunging, depending on how revealing you want your dress to be. The V-neck works well with both large and small breasted women. A high "V" can conceal large breasts in a feminine manner by highlighting their natural shape while maintaining coverage. Conversely, small breasted women can wear a low cut or wide set "V" that will draw attention to the chest and create the illusion of a fuller bust. A V-neck is a good option for brides with all upper-body types since it can be used with any sleeve length, from thin spaghetti straps to long sleeves and anything in between.

Necklines: Strapless
This simple neckline extends from one underarm to the other without the support of straps. This is a classic look that can be slightly modified by having the neckline softly arc up or down depending on how you want your bodice shaped. This neckline looks best on brides who have well-toned arms since the line of the strapless dress draws attention horizontally across your body, which includes your upper arms and shoulders.

Necklines: Bateau
The bateau, or boat neck, connects at the edges of the shoulders, leaving a long neckline that runs from shoulder to shoulder along the collarbone. This sleek style can either be strapless or have any length of sleeve. It is particularly suited for brides with a larger bust line since it draws attention up to the neck and collarbone.

Necklines: Halter
This neckline features two straps that connect from the bodice to the back of the neck. There are many options with the halter, as it can be a variation of the square neckline where the straps pull from a horizontal bodice, or it can be paired with a V-neck for a sexier look. This neckline is most appropriate for those brides that have well-toned upper arms as the halter draws attention to your neck and shoulders. Due to the nature of this neckline's design, it does not allow for sleeves, so if you are conscious of your arms and want them covered, then you may want to choose a different neckline. The halter neckline works well with all dress types from the dramatic ball gown to the sleek column, so whatever silhouette you choose, the halter is a reasonable option.

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