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Are You Thinking About Proposing?

As December is responsible for over 32% of the country's proposals and with Christmas Eve being on a Saturday. . .we want to wish our nervous friends who have that ring box in their pockets the best of luck and know come Monday, we will be right here to take you through the fun process of planning your big weekend. 

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Wedding Wire’s Web traffic will more than double from December to January. The Monday after New Year’s Day is one of Sonny Ganguly’s favorite days of the year. Wedding Wire’s chief marketing officer loves to watch new user registrations soar as brides-to-be pretend to work while furtively planning their weddings. The site’s most popular features in January are a checklist designed to help couples figure out what needs to be done and reviews of area venues, which often book up a year or more in advance.

Take walk near a wishing well and throw in some coins.  When she asks you what your wish you say, "We'll see if my wish will come true" and ask her.

Written in fire...
Where you would setup would depend on how many candles you'd need. You could setup a huge message in a parking lot or lawn with candles and her her read it from above. Bring her to the balcony and have a friend light the candles she would see the message and think it is a nice gesture then she'd read her name. If you had enough candles you could fly her over the message laid out on a private air strip.

You could decorate the Christmas tree with only one ornament a box with a ring inside. Once she see the beautiful tree you would get down take the box and open it for her.

Lots of ring boxes..
You could layout a bunch of ring boxes. One of them having the real ring, others with fake rings and/or memories inside. You could have all different shapes and sizes of ring boxes.

 You could propose in a bottle washed ashore on a private beach.

Get an empty bottle of your favorite wine or champagne. Write your proposal on a piece of paper roll it up and secure it with a piece of old looking string (Twine) and seal the bottle with a cork. Place it somewhere on the beach and walk her right by the bottle. If she doesn't see it, point it out to her.  She will think its a historic love story and want to open it up.

You could create your own Christmas ornament and put your engagement ring inside, or buy one that “opens” or has interior nooks & crannies. Wait until all the presents have been opened, and then mention there’s one more! You could give her the ornament and let her find the ring inside on her own. Or, you could encourage her find the ornament (with the ring inside) on the tree by giving her clues. Then again, you could always just hang the ring box by a ribbon on the tree as well.

Have a t-shirt made that says, “Future Mrs.”  Then be on bended knee with the ring in hand immediately after she opens your gift with the shirt inside. Two places that make personalized t-shirts online: Zazzle and CafePress. You can search for pre-designed engagement t-shirts, or make your own.

Start by placing “clues” all around the room, or all around the house. Each clue leads to another clue. Each clue could lead to a bunch small “gifts” that symbolize fun things you’ve done together, or plan to do together. The final gift will be the ring box that is hidden safely in your pocket! As she follows the clue and pulls it out of your pocket, drop to one knee and say, “Will you be my treasure forever? Will you marry me?”

 Unique ways to present the ring.
The gift within a gift is a traditional way of proposing at Christmas. The tiny gift on the Christmas tree is another well tried but great method. Also, leave suspicious box in her stocking and ask her to open it. You could put it in her seat at dinner and let her open it. What' s more fun is to get tiny gifts for everyone and leave it in their seat. She'll suspect less. That's a great Christmas proposal idea.

The romantic photo album proposal
  Atmosphere is most important with this proposal idea. You’ll want to create a romantic setting by starting with a dinner you have made for her. After dinner is over, maybe after you’ve shared a dessert too, move out to the living room area and sit her on the sofa. Turn on some music, slow and romantic. Bring out a special gift that you made for her: a photo album of pictures of the time and places you’ve shared. You don’t need to fill the album with pictures, just maybe 8 or more pictures recording the fun times you’ve had together. On the page after the last photo is a card that says “Will you marry me”, handwritten of course. Under the proposal you will have placed your engagement ring, fastened in some way to the note so that it can’t slip out of place. Your romantic thoughtfulness in creating the photo album for her and the presentation of the ring, will carry the moment.

The romantic Christmas walk proposal
 Most towns and cities have public displays of lit trees, Christmas lights and neighborhoods that are very well decorated to the Holiday. Take your girlfriend on this walking tour of Christmas decorations and about halfway through the walk make your proposal known to her. Stop her in a well-lit area, full of Christmas cheer and, on one knee, pop the question. She will be romantically inspired by the beautiful lights and setting and both of you will have the rest of the walking tour on feet that hardly touch the ground.

The restaurant proposal
 Celebrating Christmas is a time for sharing your heart-felt feelings with family and friends. After an afternoon of gift shopping with your fiancĂ©-to-be, head over to your favorite restaurant for a much needed break from the crowds and a good meal. Planning ahead of time, when the meal is complete have the waiter bring a bottle of champagne to your table. After glasses are poured make a toast to the time that you and your girlfriend have spent together and the happiness that you’ve shared. Then bring the engagement ring out from your pocket, open the box and ask her to marry you. Your proposal will be an event in her life that she will tell family and friends for the rest of her life

Be yourself
 Although these suggestions are meant to help, be yourself. Don't let her wonder who she's marrying. She loves you for who you are, not who you are not.

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