Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Part II Deciding To Invite Kids To Your Wedding

Weddings are full of details, choices, and decisions. Not everyone agrees on what they like and do not like. Some have conflicting feelings and thoughts. But the decisions must still be made.

One of the decisions that face a couple today is whether or not to invite children.

This decision can be problematic, because everybody seems to have an opinion. You may have a family member who insists, If you have children there, I will not come. Or you may have someone else insist, Unless you invite the children, I will not come. How do you win?

Your feelings count on this critical issue. Children may pose a personal threat or blessing in your mind, but either way your feelings count.

Do you dream of family or do you envision an adult event with adult activities?

Some suggest that you view all of your wedding decisions with this philosophy, It is my wedding and I will do what I please. Unfortunately: very few of live on an island by ourselves. There are real pressures. If we make selfish decisions, there will be consequences. If we bend to the whims of others, there will be consequences.

So, this can be a tough decision.

There are many versions of this decision. You may choose to say nothing one way or another. You may choose to invite the children, but not use children in your ceremony. It is still your choice.

If you invite the children to attend, it is a good idea to provide for them. This may be done in many different ways: Have ushers or attendants ready to assist parents with their children as needed. Have a separate cry room or other child care facility nearby to help parents.

Saying nothing usually tells your guests, Do your own thing. Indeed, this is the most common way this decision is made. The parents decide what they want. In most cases, this works fine. However, consider the setting for your wedding and reception. If it is going to entail definitively adult elements, it may be wise to simply make a note on your invitation like this, Reception will have adult venue.

The children themselves my really be excited about your wedding and be thrilled to attend. In most cases, the children will sit with their parents and behave like ladies and gentlemen under the watchful eye of their parents.

If you love children, they make everything worthwhile. They ignite feelings of enthusiasm that few adults can match. They make us laugh and cry. They can turn ordinary into extraordinary. Children are in many ways what family weddings are all about. If you are fortunate enough to enjoy them. Still, it is your choice to invite or not to invite children to your wedding.

Careful thoughtful planning can resolve potential problems either way. A suggestion, that your reception will include an adult venue, will alert parents and they will understand. Planning for the children will help reduce problems and keep things running smoothly.

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