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Let's Talk About Spring Weddings

Well its time to plan our Spring Weddings: We will give you a few ideas to choose from: Spring is the most popular wedding season, so it's important to have a good idea of the different spring wedding themes.

We are going to provide you with a few color ideas, wedding dresses, decorations, flowers and favors. First thing you should think about is your what will be your colors: You must remember darker colors absorb the sun's heat but do a better job of reflecting rays. Ligther colors don't absorb as much heat but don't UV rays as well. If its an outdoor wedding, lighter colors are highly recommend.

Spring Wedding Colors:

Some good two-color combinations could be:

Light blue and chocolate
Light blue and ivory
Light blue and pastel green
Light blue and white

Pastel green and ivory
Pink with any green
Lavender and yellow
Some good three-color combinations might be:

Ivory, lavender, pastel green
Ivory, pink, sage
Ivory, lavender, sage
Pastel green, pink, lavender
White, chocolate, pink

Since spring colors are so soft, it's actually hard to find a combination that doesn't work well! Talk with your wedding planner or friends and family to get a second opinion if you're unsure about several colors together.

Spring Themed Wedding Invitations

One of the first steps in setting the mood for a spring wedding is sending out spring themed wedding invitations. Typically, wedding invitations with a spring influence have spring flowers or spring scenery on them. And although many newlyweds are opting to send pocket invitations these days (very popular), there are still quite a few who want to make their wedding truly unique.

There are a ton of different wedding invitations with beautiful flowers on them (many of which can be found in the "spring flowers" section below).

Or in order to save some money, some couples might choose to get the less expensive, more affordable wedding invitations. This way, they can have more money to spend on the spring wedding decorations!

Spring Themed Wedding Attire

The Wedding Dress
Part of the reason why spring weddings are so popular is because of the wonderful weather! Of course this depends on where you live, but generally speaking, spring weather is great.

Because the temperatures are typically not too hot and not too cold, there are a lot of options for the wedding dress. It is best to choose a more versatile dress that can suite you in both warm and cold weather. (Maybe try to find a dress that is light but that can be paired with a wrap.) This is especially important if you live in a fluctuating climate where Spring temperatures could vary 30 or so degrees Fahrenheit (10-15 degrees Celsius).

Here are some good fabrics for spring weddings:

Batiste (an opaque fabric that is very light)

Charmeuse (a good satin-substitute although it doesn't hold a shape well)
Crepe (a thin fabric available in a wide variety of fibers and finishes)

Damask (made of various fabrics and has patterns/designs woven into it)

Duchesse Satin (a lightweight hybrid of rayon/polyester and silk)

Georgette (another lightweight fabric with a crepe surface frequently made with polyester or silk)

Spring weddings also allow room for adding an elegant touch of color to the wedding dress. Today, many brides choose to have a sash or embroidery of a different color on their dresses. There are certainly quite a few unique and stylish spring colors to choose from! See the spring color palette below.

Wedding Party and Guest Attire

Today's weddings are becoming more and more colorful. Pulling from the color palette below, one could come up with a unique color pattern for both the bridesmaids and the groomsmen. Guests could also come up with creative, tasteful outfits perfect for that spring wedding.

Here are some good ideas for a spring wedding outfit:

Sleeveless top
Spaghetti strap
Tea length dress
Cocktail dress
Skirt and top (rather than full length dress)
Strapless top/dress

Spring Flowers

You can save a lot of money on your wedding by purchasing in season flowers. In fact, you can save even more money if you can manage to work out a deal to use the church's flowers (if getting married in a church). Typically churches have lots of flowers for special Sunday services such as Easter Sunday.

Here is a non-exhaustive list of flowers that are in season during spring:


Bells of Ireland
Cherry Blossom


How can I have a Spring Wedding Reception?

Why stop at just making a ceremony spring-themed when you can do the same for your wedding reception? The theme of spring can be carried through to your reception with spring wedding favors, spring decorations and even a spring menu!

Spring Wedding Favors

There are quite a few spring wedding favors to choose from that embody the atmosphere of spring. From beach chair tea light place card holders to seashell placecard holders to lily pens in a gift box, it would seem that your imagination is the only thing that limits you from finding the most unique spring favors.

Other popular spring wedding favors are seed packets (to thank guests for their contribution in "growing" your love) or birds nests.

Spring Wedding Decorations

Just like with wedding favors, there are a number of spring wedding decorations out there. Try purchasing decorations that are pastel blue, pink or lavendar. You could also put seasonal flowers up as centerpieces at the reception tables. Instead of having wedding attendants throw rice or bird seed, you could have them release butterflies or throw rose petals.

When it comes to having a spring themed wedding, you are only limited by your imagination!

Spring Wedding Menu Ideas

The icing on the cake for a spring themed wedding could be your menu. Try serving fresh young vegetables such as sugar snap peas, baby carrots, baby asparagus or potatoes. You could even serve fresh carrot cake, yum!

Fresh fruits would also be quite festive. Consider serving strawberries, mangos, apricots or pomegranates.

Get out there and have a unique, spring wedding using some of these ideas! Remember, you are only limited by your imagination, so think of creative ways to make your wedding special and different from the rest! Have a spring wedding!

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